A reputation for success is what Phil Dunn carries into the courtroom. Philip Remington Dunn Esq. is a criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of experience in winning cases in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. If you have a loved one or colleague that has been arrested, we have the answers to your questions. Phil Dunn handles all types of criminal matters including the following:

  • DUI

Attorney at law Philip Dunn knows that two characteristics more than any others are responsible for the successful defense of a criminal matter: integrity and commitment. The credibility that derives from honest representation and fair dealings with our clients, prosecutors, police officers and judges is the foundation for a successful result in any criminal case. Of equal importance is the commitment to fight the hard case and not back down when you know you are right. Too often criminal defense practitioners look for the easy resolution of a criminal case rather than fighting for the best result. We pledge to tell you the truth about your case and not take advantage of your situation. We are committed to providing quality legal representation at a cost that is both fair and equitable.

If you, a loved one or colleague has been arrested or are the target of a criminal investigation, we are the attorneys to help you.  If you are Arrested or are the Target of an Investigation You have the right to an attorney - Use this right! Anything you say will be used against you - Say Nothing without an attorney! You have questions right now that need answers - Call for a free consultation!

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - These are often the most defensible charges, as the charges alleged are often greatly exaggerated, or entirely fabricated. Early investigation and an aggressive defense can often make the difference in these cases.

DUI - A hearing with the DMV must be demanded within ten (10) days of your arrest in order to keep your license. DMV hearings are defensible given the right facts, and a restricted license may be granted after thirty (30) days of suspension in those cases where the suspension is upheld.

DRUGS & NARCOTICS - There is a major difference between a misdemeanor or felony for personal use and a felony possession for sale, sales or transportation. The difference is often a judgment call made by the local prosecutor, which is why you should have vigorous defense by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

FELONY THREE STRIKES - California has the most punitive "Three Strikes" law in the nation. There is no "wash out" period for a prior strike. Two prior strikes and any new felony charge may make the defendant eligible for a sentence of 25 years to life. Even one prior prior will double the potential sentence on the new felony charge, and make the defendant ineligible for probation, and require him to serve 80% of any sentence time. The aggressive defense of three stike cases is essential for avoiding these draconian results.

OFFICE LOCATION - Philip Remington Dunn Esq focuses its practice in criminal defense and is strategically located at 141 East Duesenberg Drive, Westlake Village, California. We offer our criminal defense attorney services to clients from both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Our main office is within minutes of Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Camarillo.

ALWAYS PUTTING CLIENTS FIRST - I believe everyone is entitled to the very best legal representation at an affordable price. My approach to the practice of law is to put the client first by standing up for the client's rights, no matter what the circumstances.