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Criminal defense is my passion and with my over 32 years as a criminal defense attorney in Thousand Oaks. I have been witness to about everything law enforcement can do wrong. Over the same period of time I have also developed many strong friendships with police and former police officers of goodwill. Many are taking sides and which side is correct. I have shared the pain of a widow and her family whose husband and father were murdered for no other reason than he was a cop. I have also set an innocent man free who was convicted of murder against the fervent opposition of a prosecutor?s office that knew the truth, and opposed it anyway. We walk a slippery slope and I am here to do my best for you as a criminal defense attorney in Westlake Village as Criminal Defense Attorneys have an obligation to YOU, to do our best to serve you properly and we do understand both sides of this legal battle.

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to hear Justice Scalia speak in person. On that occasion, I recall nothing in his remarks on the state of jurisprudence in the United States that I agreed with. It didn't matter; I had to shake his hand anyway. Whether a man is right or wrong in the moment is rarely the measure of him, it is rather his character for integrity that matters.  In that regard, Scalia had no equal.